Wednesday, 8 February 2012

FASHION FELONIES: Dexter Pottinger and Denyque FINED at Youth View Awards

FLOWER TWIRL: Singer Denyque’s admirable run as a one-to-watch fashionista came to a screeching halt last Saturday at the Youth View Awards, where she showed up in this over-the-top floral travesty. We know, we know, spring is upon us, but can someone please pull the girl aside, and let her know that there is such a thing as an overdone bouquet.

METHOD TO HIS MADNESS: We hardly recognize stylist-to-the-stars Dexter Pottinger in this atrocious getup on the red carpet, as he poses with his award for Fave Male Fashion Icon (yup!). Pottinger is usually very fashion-forward with an impeccable sense of the edgy and cool, but in this wacky ensemble, he is a hot 3D mess.


  1. I actually like the outfits worn by Pottinger and Denique! Both dare to be different; showing their individuality! And when did we get to be so pretentious in Jamaica? When since we started dressing for the seasons? "We know Spring is upon one, etc. . ." Oh please!!!

    1. I don't understand how the fashion po po didn't get milk mi nuh lobe eeh

  2. I believe milk needed the fashion po po hot mess!!!!! Mi nuh lobe eeh

  3. I agree milk should be here too...