Friday, 24 February 2012

INDIE SPIRIT: Small label Bran-Nu Entertainment doing big things for reggae

IN STUDIO: An attention-worthy indie label is headed to the top.

Based in Washington DC, Bran-Nu Entertainment has not only taken advantage of the vibrant Caribbean music scene, but also networking in the Diaspora. Today the independent label is a multi-faceted organization specializing in management, distribution, publishing and licensing. Whether utilizing high-end marketing techniques, such as securing licensing deals for their artistes with international airlines, or grass-roots campaigns targeting sound systems and mixtapes, the label has been a strategic driving force in exposing reggae music to new and unconventional markets.

And their work has not gone unrecognized. BNE’s Rhoan Bromfield recently picked up a nomination for Producer of the Year (for the EP, RUTH) for the 15th Annual Washington DC Reggae Music Awards, scheduled to take place this May. BNE artiste Ruth-Ann Brown is also up for six awards. “We're humbled by the nominations because of the simple fact that our work is being recognized by our own Jamaican community in the nation's capital, Washington DC,” said Bromfield.

Although the managers of BNE are content with their current roster, they are still keeping a keen eye open for rare talent. Says a label spokesperson, “When scouting for a Nu artiste, there are several factors we take into consideration. The obvious talent and work ethic a a must, along with being able to embrace the responsibilities of having a public platform.”

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