Friday, 24 February 2012

LAUNCH REPORT: Presenters, organizers lyme ahead of Talking Trees

What: Talking Trees Writers’ Lyme

Where: Jacks Hill, St. Andrew

When: Thursday evening

Guest List: Easton Lee, A. Igoni Barrett, Christine Craig, Aston Cooke, Fabian Thomas, Gwyneth Harold, Roland Watson-Grant, Paul Rodgers, Kyoko Nishimoto, Monique Morrison, Janet Barrett, Melanie Schwapp and Christine Marrett, among others.

Highlights: Living legend Lee (centre, above) regaled guests with his customarily witty anecdotes; Igoni Barrett brought us the latest good news from the Motherland; Marrett (right, above), for her part, shared her enthusiasm at the second staging of the literary fiesta at her 2 Seasons Guest House in St. Bess; Guests enjoyed delicious nibbles and cocktails (prepared by delightful hostess Janet Barrett, pictured above) mixed with a warm spirit of fellowship that lasted well into the night.

Fresh-faced Melanie Schwapp looked divine in this dyed purple number.

Journalist Paul Rodgers and wife Kyoko Nishimoto dropped by.

Theatre veterans Fabian Thomas (left) and Aston Cooke seen in conversation.

Gwyneth Harold, Monique Morrison and Roland Watson-Grant share a light moment.

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