Wednesday, 15 February 2012

'MARLEY' @ Berlin Film Fest: Outtakes from photocall and press conference

Artist Neville Garrick, Rohan Marley, and director Kevin Macdonald attend the Marley photocall and press conference during Day 4 of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in Germany. The film, which charts the inspirational life and work of reggae legend Bob Marley, premiered at the festival to rapturous applause on Monday.

“Growing up we knew that all children belong to [Bob]. We may call him Daddy but we're just one of the many, you know," Rohan told reporters.

A close friend of Marley's and his art director during the 1970s and early 1980s, Garrick told reporters that the singer would "chew out" the band members after a show if he heard they had hit a wrong note. "What made him different from most artists was that he appreciated his audience," he said. "He always did his best. He was a very hard taskmaster. He was a real perfectionist."

Macdonald (left) noted, “Bob is really one of the greatest cultural figures of 20th century. I don't think anyone in popular music has had the same lasting impact that he has.”

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