Saturday, 18 February 2012

MUST SEE: Damian Marley’s new “Affairs of the Heart” video

SOUL DEEP: Marley's latest deals with love and longing.

After two-plus years steeped in the militant and Afro-centric world of Distant Relatives, Damian Marley switches gears with his latest solo single, the tenderhearted track “Affairs of the Heart,” which finds the reggae star extolling the virtues of his lady love. The song’s newly-arrived video nicely depicts the sentiments expressed but thankfully steers clear of the smarminess of romance that often comes with being in a loving relationship.

As it stands, the clip is a tasteful, somewhat laid-back affair, with shots of Marley thrilling massive concert crowds on tour and later hastening to be by his girl’s side. Above all else, the creatives behind the video manage to capture the supreme balancing act of juggling career and romance that’s so terribly familiar to those entertainers who spend a great deal of their year on the road, away from the company of lovers and relatives.

All in all, "Affairs of the Heart" is a sublimely shot and heartwarming video, the kind that such a memorable and heartwarming song truly merits.

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