Tuesday, 14 February 2012

NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Konshens’ thought-provoking “Gunshot Ah Fire” + Junior Gong’s soulful “Affairs of the Heart”

Title: “Affairs of the Heart”
Artiste: Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley
Label: Universal/Tuff Gong/Ghetto Youths

Melodious lovers’ anthems like “Still Searching” and “There for You” showed us that when it comes to giving voice to deep-seated feelings, Damian Marley is lyrically masterful. Now comes his latest “Affairs of the Heart,” a sincere and heartfelt ode to the love of a good woman. “Your love is life-changing, and I wouldn’t be the same without you darling,” he croons in his charismatic baritone, proving yet again that Rasta got mad soul. A brilliant guitar interlude elevates the track to a stunning success. Be on the lookout for the beautifully shot music video, which received a worldwide premiere last Wednesday at the Bob Marley Museum in St. Andrew. B+

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Title: “Gunshot Ah Fire”
Artiste: Konshens
Label: Warrior Music

If there’s one thing that rings remarkably true about Konshens, it’s that the fast-ascending reggae/dancehall singjay has morphed into a more fearless version of the man who burst onto the scene with 2008’s “Winner.” Witness his bold, tell-it-like-it-is new single “Gunshot Ah Fire,” a no-holds-barred meditation on a disturbing aspect of the national status quo. Potentially controversial? Indeed. But deep-thinking entertainers like Konshens have long shown that in Jamaica’s socio-political climate getting your message across often requires stepping outside the bounds of “political correctness.” B+

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