Monday, 27 February 2012

TAKE 5: Show Yourself Some Love

A MOMENT IN THE SUN: Rest and recharge.

Put You First

Today give yourself permission to place your needs ahead of everyone else’s, if only for a few minutes. Whether that means you don’t pick up the phone when your needy cousin calls or you spend an extra five minutes in the shower – whatever you do, do it guilt-free.

Make An Appointment
Taking care of number one means maintaining your good health. So if you’re putting off an annual exam, suffering in silence with headaches or delaying a mammogram, schedule and appointment ASAP. Have trouble remembering when it’s time for a regular visit? Send yourself an email reminder now for next year (or beyond) through free services like or

Buy Yourself A Bouquet
Don’t wait for a guy/gal to send you a bundle of blooms. Pick out your own arrangement for your desk at work, your dining room, or your bedside nightstand. Hydrangea, chrysanthemums and dahlias create a perfect springtime sprays.

Write A Love Note
Whether you pen it in your journal or post it on your bathroom mirror, create a list of five things you’re great at doing or five lovable personal qualities. Read it – and add to it – daily.

Rest Assured
Sleep is the first sacrifice most people make when there’s more work to be done, errands to run or family obligations to handle, according to the US National Sleep Foundation. Tonight try surrendering to sleep and turning in early. Do something relaxing (like taking a bath or listening to soothing music) before drifting off, to assure yourself a good night’s slumber.


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