Sunday, 11 March 2012

ACTOR BOY 2012: 6 Biggest Surprises and Snubs among Nominations

STAGE PRESENCE: Lawes (left) and Rawlins in Not About Eve.

The Actor Boy Awards have announced their nominees for the 2011/12 season and as expected the snubs (glaring omissions!) and surprises (delightful inclusions!) abound. As is our sworn civic duty as a (wholly voluntary) culture watchdog, TALLAWAH takes a look at what the Actor Boy judges got right – and where they went terribly wrong:

1. Last Call comes first
As expected, the well-wrought period musical Last Call, Keiran King’s wildly appealing homage to fifties Jamaica, friendship and unrequited love got tonnes of love from the judges, earning nods for Best Production and acting bids for Rishille Bellamy, Maurice Bryan and Andrew Lawrence. A total of 11 nominations, tying with Father HoLung’s stirringly ambitious but uneven Acts of the Apostles.

2. Nadean going for gold
They say the cream will always rise to the top, and this is certainly true in the case of Nadean Rawlins, whose range and impeccable instincts as an actress continue to hold her in good stead in the industry. Little surprise then that two of her 2011 roles have been anointed with nominations. Perhaps this go-round she will finally land that elusive Best Lead Actress win – and in Not About Eve, she’s never been better.

3. What about us?
It is absolutely unfathomable that, despite the pile of noms for Last Call, actress Sakina Deer, who gave the finest performance of her career, was overlooked. Similarly, Hairpeace’s mesmerizing Faith Gordon and George Howard, who was simply astonishing in Where Is My Father?, failed to earn supporting nominations.

4. Brian not in the heap
Granted he’s been up for Best Director on umpteen occasions, but past winner Heap masterfully helmed last October’s revival of Karl Williams’ Not About Eve, drawing out gold-rich performances from Rawlins, Carol Lawes and Lisa Williams.

5. When will Camille Davis catch a break?
Following her riveting, award-worthy turn opposite Glen Campbell and Teisha Duncan in Charlie’s Angels, it was a foregone conclusion that Davis was a shoo-in for another Best Actress nomination – and possibly a win. Apparently, the judges had other ideas.

6. The Year of Glen
Kudos to Mr. Glen Campbell on the pair of well-deserved noms for his pitch-perfect performances in Charlie’s Angels and Breadfruit Kingdom. Royalty over cabba-cabba, wi seh!

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