Thursday, 15 March 2012

AFFAIRS OF THE HEART: Usain and Lubica are free to flaunt their love!

BUBICA: Bolt and Lubica.

That’s some kiss! --->

Sprint king Usain Bolt and latest queen, Lubica Kucerova Slovak -- Bubica?! -- may have earned brownie points for finally going public (sort of) with their romance – but are the lovebirds talking engagement? A source close to the couple claims that the duo are thinking of making the next step to see if they are “compatible lifelong partners.” But another source close to the pair tells TALLAWAH: “They’re both happy with the way things are right now. They’re taking it slow.”

BACKGROUND CHECK: Who is Lubica Kucerova Slovak?

Age 28; born in Slovakia, but now resides in Jamaica; lived in Canada for a bit with her father; she’s a Ryerson University graduate and fashioner designer.

In 2005, Lubica debuted her eponymous fashion line in Toronto at the LG Fashion Week. In Jamaican style circles, she is known for her partnership with pop-dancehall star Tami Chynn on the award-winning line Anuna. Together they opened the ultra-femme boutique Belle in Kingston, the counterpart to the all-male boutique Base.

Lubica has also dabbled in journalism, freelancing for her native Slovakia’s Pravda newspaper. To date she has penned numerous published articles, including a 2009 piece on… (who else?) Usain.

She’s a Taurus; Usain, 25, is a Leo. [According to Zodiacfacts, the combination of Taurus and Leo can work if their relationship is based on understanding and compromise.]

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  1. i did know a so it a go
    they make he mingle with
    white girls you see when them
    married she just divorce him
    and take aways
    his money.

    1. Well lets see what will happen if they truly love each other, the relationship can bloom into something. White or black it nuh matter, it all have to do with each individual.

    2. 'High seat kill Miss Thomas puss and a greedy
      dog lose him bone ,through the reflection of his own shadow yours shall be reaction'.When our heroes gone international them try climb the ivory tower,good luck to them because I don't believe in luck you make your own luck.

    3. 'High seat kill Miss Thomas puss and the greedy dog lose his bone,through the reflection of his own shadow and yours shall be reaction'. Why when our heroes gone international them try climb the ivory tower.
      Our dear 'lightening bolt' is easier to promote in wider circles with someone lighter than himself. Never mind we still have Garvey,Bogle,Nanny and the Rest.