Wednesday, 7 March 2012

FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY: Prince Harry's people-friendly style

A GOOD SPORT: Prince Harry, in Jamaican colours, 'races' Usain Bolt.

We didn't know what to expect. But, for me, I personally felt that Britain's Prince Harry, upon arriving on our shores, would be quite an easy guest. After all, he always seemed possessed of a natural grace, a very open personality and, for good measure, a great athletic posture and appeal. So it has been a real treat for Jamaicans that the prince has been a delight, sharing such an easy rapport with dignitary and ordinary denizen alike.

From goofing around on the track with Usain Bolt at UWI, to dancing up a storm with a local cultural group, to cracking jokes in his official address, it has become clear that beneath that proper royal veneer, Prince Harry, extremely likeable and awfully cordial, is a man who knows how to let loose and show you a good time.

The prince is in Jamaica as part of his Diamond Jubilee Tour on behalf of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. The tour has already seen him make stops in Belize and the Bahamas. Before departing the island on Thursday, Prince Harry will meet with political leaders Portia Simpson-Miller and Andrew Holness, as well stop by the Bustamante Hospital for Children, the Victoria Jubilee Hospital and the Falmouth Pier.

In short, if there's one thing that Prince Harry's Jamaican odyssey (so far) proves it's that the 27-year-old continues to develop a perfect sense of royal responsibility, while bringing life, a delightful sense of humour, mixed with joy and energy, when he walks into a room.

Speaking with Shaggy at the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

Inspecting the royal guards upon arrival at the Norman Manley Airport.

Lunch date at Devon House with Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller.


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