Friday, 2 March 2012

GIRL OF THE MOMENT: D’Angel launches Love Triangle in Kingston, dispels rumours

PROUD MOMENT: The singer exudes a regal air at her book launch.

Though the past year was one of the most personally challenging yet for D’Angel, the dancehall vixen seems intent on pressing the accelerator on her resolutions for 2012, while boldly venturing into brand-new territory. And that includes wading into literary waters (!). On Wednesday evening, in the company of close friends, academics (like Carolyn Cooper and Donna Hope), and well-wishers, D’Angel launched her debut novel, Love Triangle, inside the Sangster’s Book Store in Mall Plaza.

The steamy novel, which precedes an autobiographical tome due out later this year, was published by Pageturner, which put out Miss Kitty’s Good Girl Gone Bad last November.

As if to shut down rumours about her personal life, the singer emphasizes that the novel is in no way a reflection of her experiences. “Love Triangle is not my life story as so many have been saying it is,” she says, “but it is actually about one man and two women. Two women who just happen to be friends, and unknown to one, although they talk about their man all the time, only one knows that they are actually talking about the same man. So it’s a real interesting and mix-up story.”

Sure to raise eyebrows and send tongues wagging, Love Triangle is now available at local booksellers and via As expected, the rest of March promises to keep the dancehall starlet (who recently started An’So Thursdays in Portmore) on the go, with a flurry of book signings and overseas launches.

JUICY READ: D'Angel proudly poses with her book.

IT'S A SIGN: An autographed copy of the novel for this gentleman.

SWEET TREAT: A custom-designed cake adds to the merriment.

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