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IT HAD TO BE HER: A quick chat with fashion designer and it-girl Lubica Slovak

SOFT FOCUS: There's something about Lubica.

Warm-spirited and undeniably alluring, seasoned fashion designer Lubica Kucerova Slovak is the kind of instantly likeable chick who will engage you in a conversation on almost any subject. Just don’t quiz her about her romance with the World’s Fastest Man. She is faithfully mum on the subject. Naturally, the 28-year-old sweetheart would rather dish on her love of Caribbean culture and her fashion-related passion projects – including the short film she is getting set to shoot and debut next month.

On Tuesday night, inside Barbican’s Acropolis Casino and Gaming Lounge, TALLAWAH cozied up to Lubica (at the Mission Catwalk Season 2 premiere party) to learn more about the girl everyone is talking about.

TALLAWAH: Your life trajectory has taken you from Europe to North America to the Caribbean at last. How have you been finding the experience this side of paradise?
Lubica: It’s been two years, and I love it. I used to live in Toronto so Jamaica is very different from what I’m used to. But I love the people, the climate, the culture. I really focus on the good things, and there’s a lot of good things.

Given that your area of expertise is couture, I’m a tad curious about the bit of journalism you’ve done since being in Jamaica. What’s the story there?
Well, I wrote briefly for a Slovakian newspaper. They wanted to find out more about Jamaica, so because I was here they asked me to write something about the culture. But [writing] is not something I do; I’m not against it. But I’m into fashion (Laughs).

Absolutely. What’s the latest on your upcoming pieces for the Lubica label? Anything to report?
Yes, I’m actually working on two collections, and I’m shooting a fashion film next week. So I’m superexcited.

That’s lovely. So what’s the film called?
I can’t tell you anything in detail yet. But it’s about fashion (Laughs). My fashion. It will be about five minutes [long], and there’s a story behind it. And we’re shooting in Strawberry Hill. I can tell you that much. It will be released at the end of April.

Will it be available for online viewing?
Yes. And I’m going to have an event at the end of April, so I’ll make sure I email you.

Let’s switch gears a bit. How does it make you feel to know that people have been discussing nonstop your relationship with superstar sprinter Usain Bolt?
(Chuckles and blushes). I’m not talking about that.

I’ve been told that all the attention and sudden media scrutiny slightly bothers you.
I don’t think I should comment. [Smiling].

I understand. So what do you enjoy apart from fashion and – sports?
I don’t really get to do anything else, apart from Pilates. But my company is young, and I do a lot of the designing and everything, so that keeps me pretty busy.

Last year you made headlines through your collaboration with pop-dancehall star Tami Chynn on a line called Anuna.
Yeah, we worked together for one collection. We talked about doing more, but we’ve been so busy. So maybe in the future. But I still dress Tami for some of her performances, like I dressed her for the Youth View Awards recently.

Will you be showing at Caribbean Fashion Week in June?
Ah, I think so, yes.

I hear that Usain is longing to start a family of his own. Do you have a desire for marriage and a baby at the moment?
Me?! No, I’m not thinking about that right now.

Okay, cool. Thanks for your time. Enjoy the rest of the evening.
Thank you.

FRESH FACES: Stylist Kerry-Ann Clarke and designer Lubica Slovak sit pretty at Tuesday's Mission Catwalk Season 2 premiere party at the Acropolis.

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