Monday, 5 March 2012

NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Etana’s “Wifey” + Romain Virgo’s “I Know Better”

PAUSE & REFLECT: If there’s anything trickier that knowing someone, it’s knowing yourself, and Romain Virgo makes this abundantly clear with his latest record, the aptly titled “I Know Better,” an introspective tune about rising above violence and other senseless ills. It’s a compelling, well-written track that fits in nicely with Virgo’s ever-expanding canon of message music and will no doubt be a highlight of his forthcoming sophomore album, System (due out this May). B+

PUT A RING ON IT: Reggae empress Etana should know a thing or two about the rewards of honing one’s ‘wife-material’ talents. She is, after all, the lucky bride of hunky actor-turned-academic Andre Morris. So when she sings so convincingly about being “the wife” and the many trappings that attend to such a coveted title, you believe her. Seamlessly blending harmonious grooves with snappy lyrics, Etana makes light work of the task – in true wifey style. B+

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