Friday, 30 March 2012

PON DE REPLAY: Standout new cuts from Pepita + Busy Signal + Delus

“What Tomorrow May Bring”
Artiste: Delus
Producer: Dameon Gayle, Warrior Misick Productions

“Mi ah gwaan live good today; tomorrow mi nuh know which number ah play,” croons Delus in his distinctive rasp on the new radio smash “What Tomorrow May Bring,” an eternally optimistic and groovy reggae record about approaching life with patience and positive intentions. But where the entertainer succeeds most is in promoting the essence of being true to oneself and finding solace in the liberating energy that comes with freeing your mind.” B+

“Luv Luv Me”
Artiste: Pepita
Producer: Collin ‘Bulby’ York, Fat Eyes Productions

Pepita keeps reminding us that there is no limit to her talents. Showing off her sugary singing chops, the former TV host has released her first-ever single called “Luv Luv Me,” which features a slick beat and delicate vocals pleading with a lover for tenderness. Though it remains to be seen whether music is Pepita’s true calling, this pop-reggae ditty is a surprisingly strong first outing for the young lady who prides herself on keeping it intense. B

“Come Over (Miss You)”
Artiste: Busy Signal
Producer: Wayne ‘Unga’ Thompson, Notice/Juke Boxx Productions

In recent times, Busy Signal has been fashioning a reputation for romantic reggae ballads. Now comes “Come Over (Miss You),” the lead single off his impending Reggae Music Again album. Full of yearning, passion and a tinge of sensuality, it’s a sweetly melodious tune that shows off the entertainer’s respectable singing voice. This one is not to be missed. B+

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