Tuesday, 6 March 2012

ON THE RECORD: Damian Marley misses Jamaica on tour, preps new dancehall EP

CROWN PRINCE: Marley has multiple projects in the works.

There is no place like home, and apparently Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley is acutely reminded of this fact whenever he’s away from Jamaica for extended periods, thrilling massive crowds in remote corners of the globe. Touring for most of last year in support of his platinum-selling collaborative album, Distant Relatives, with rap icon Nas, was no different. “I missed home, and I’m really glad to be home and I’m glad that home missed me,” he confessed recently to CVM’s On Stage. “And it’s obvious based on the response at the shows I’ve done that they missed me too. So it feels good.”

Now that he’s home full-time, Junior Gong’s time is being largely divided between developing talent for the Marleys’ Ghetto Youths label and assembling a new EP. “Right now what I’m really trying to do is put together an EP with dancehall songs. “Set Up Shop” is one of them and “Affairs of the Hearts” will be one of them. We released another song sometime last year called “Wanted,” which was talking about everything that was happening on the island.” Any plans for a follow-up album to his Grammy-winning Welcome to Jamrock. “As far as starting my album,” Damian says, “I’m really looking forward to doing that next month.”

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