Monday, 5 March 2012

RAY OF HOPE: Alaine chases away the blues

IN A NEW LIGHT: The singer is all about peace of mind.

Songbird Alaine has fashioned a stellar career out of penning and releasing tuneful hits that celebrate the sunny joys of life and love. With her stunning knack for wicked melody and memorable lyrics that evoke serenity and beauty, the ace singer-songwriter has shown that she’s a talent of compelling repute.

Now comes “Bye Bye Bye,” a lighthearted yet empowering single about turning your back on negativity. And in our age of rampant malevolence and staggering crime figures, the song’s arrival could hardly be timelier.

The accompanying video, a combination of the relaxing outdoors and blue sky, interior tranquility, lighted candles and a hint of spirituality, finds Alaine losing herself in things that inspire her to happiness – and break out in joyful song. In one scene, she smilingly treads barefoot atop a high-rise building; in another, she channels her inner goddess in a floppy veiled hat – a look that radiates easy laid-back glamour.

All in all, it’s a lovely visual replete with remarkable images that serve to highlight the song’s indisputable message that when times are tough and threaten to weigh us down, we mustn’t hesitate to lift ourselves up.

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