Wednesday, 28 March 2012

REALITY STARS: Acropolis comes alive with star-studded Mission Catwalk premiere party

PHOTO FINISH: Keneea Linton-George (right) and Ayeola George share lens time.

What: Mission Catwalk Season 2 premiere party

Where: Acropolis Casino and Gaming Lounge, Barbican

When: Tuesday evening

Guest List: A who’s who of fashion industry insiders, media personalities, social starlets, and MC contestants new and old. Spotted in the mix were the likes of Kerry-Ann Clarke, Lubica Slovak, Brian George, Keneea Linton-George, Romae Gordon, Kingsley Cooper, Mykal Cushnie, Shenna Carby, Ayeola George, Safiya Cooper and Sanjay Smith, among others.

Room with a view: As the hour-long season premiere unfolded on mega-sized plasma screens, a quick sweep of the packed and buzzing room revealed nicely attired waiters serving up glasses of champagne, an appealing buffet table, and a kaleidoscope of Caribbean flags adorning the entire room, reinforcing the idea of a region-wide fashion reality series. Once the credits roll on the episode (which continues next week with judging and elimination), hostess Linton-George proposes a bubbly-induced toast to another smash season.

This ‘Mission’ is no walk in the park: “It was nerve-racking because every week somebody goes home. You don’t know when you’re going to go home and you don’t know what the judges are going to say,” 22-year-old Jamaican contestant Shellane McFarlane dished to TALLAWAH. “So being on the show has been a mixture of feelings.”

Mama Mia: For Bajan Kerin Scott, it was one of the most strenuous things she’s ever taken on in her young life – but, surprisingly, her doting mother back home helped her get through it. “[Being on the show] draws on every aspect of your body, especially having to get up every morning at 4am,” Scott, 24, confessed. “It was really hectic; I could not have done it without my friends, my family. And my mother called me from Barbados every single morning to wake me up.” (Laughs).

Who will rule the catwalk? Catch all the fierce drama and fabulous designs on all-new Season 2 episodes of Mission Catwalk each Tuesday at 8:30pm on TV J.

EMBRACEABLE YOU: Power couple Sanjay Smith and Safiya Cooper came out to support the return of the hit fashion reality series.

PURE JEAN-IOUS: One of the hardest working women in Caribbean fashion, Romae Gordon was on hand to witness the premiere of MC's second season.

KINDRED SPIRITS: Miss Jamaica Universe hopeful Crystal Patterson was spotted in the company of MC Season 2 contestant Gregory Williams.

MAKING WAVES: Tuesday's premiere party was a reunion of sorts for MC Season One breakout star-turned-rising couturier Shenna Carby, who met up with director/editor Mykal Cushnie and show conceptualizer and host Keneea Linton-George.

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