Friday, 9 March 2012

REGGAE FILM FESTIVAL: Marley documentary NOT among films to be screened (plus EXCLUSIVE clip)

THE MODEL THAT GOT AWAY: Bob was a natural superstar.

Great news: Marley, the highly acclaimed new documentary on the life of reggae icon Bob Marley is on its way to Jamaica for a grand free-to-the-public screening inside the Emancipation Park on April 19. Not-so-good news: the screening will not form part of the 2012 Reggae Film Fest activities, although it is set to take place in the midst of this year’s festival – and a press announcement was made recently to the contrary.

According to chief organizer of the RFF, Barbara Blake-Hannah, her team had secured confirmation to show Marley at the festival, but new decisions have been made. “I made a premature announcement that the film would be in the [festival]. [And] this was based on [me] going ahead without all necessary confirmations,” she tells TALLAWAH. “My apologies for any embarrassment I may have caused to the organizers.”

The RFF, originally scheduled for April 17-21, will close on the night of the Marley premiere to allow everyone to see and participate in this major event.

Marley, considered the definitive film project on the life and global impact of the the late reggae legend, promises previously unheard music and never-before-seen footage. The work of Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin MacDonald, it premiered to positive reviews in February at the Berlin International Film Festival.

In this exclusive clip, former manager of the Wailers Allan 'Skill' Cole, general director Neville Garrick and others talk about Bob's religious devotion, healthy routines, and competitive spirit:

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  1. Why on earth wouldn't they want to show this film at the film festival which promotes and honours bobs legacy? and the annual film festival is closing down on this night especially for Bobs film in order to let their own audience attend.
    What would bob think about all this?

  2. That women Barbara BH is an expert at burning bridges.

  3. Is the Marley film promoting ganja smoking with its 4/20 premiere date? 4/20 is the universal signal for Pot Smokers to light up. A Rasta-related date would be more appropreate and move it from clashing with the film festival.

  4. Of course it's promoting Ganja 4/20! the poster highlights the 4/20 date. respect to the film festival in Jamaica for closing down it's own event on that night to let the people see the new bob film.