Sunday, 11 March 2012

TALLAWAH MOMENT: Chanel Iman spotlights Jamaica in Vogue

ISLAND STYLE: Chanel Iman reminisces on her Jamaican adventure.

Breezily recounting the unforgettable experience of celebrating her 21st birthday on Jamaican soil, sexy supermodel Chanel Iman tells Vogue’s March issue that she had an absolutely swell time, to say the least. Of course you did, Chanel Iman. This is Jamaica!

Selecting our Caribbean isle, Chanel reveals, was a no-brainer. “I planned by 21st birthday around an oasis of tropical bliss,” confesses the self-proclaimed sun and ocean lover. “What better place than Jamaica, one of the most beautiful islands in the world?”

According to the fashion model, considered the latter-day answer to Tyra Banks, the reggae-themed celebration hosted at Round Hill Hotel and Villas last December was an incredibly refreshing mixture of sea, sand and breathtaking views of MoBay by day and bonfires, African drumming, and ocean breeze by night. “We drank from coconuts and piled our plates high with what our personal chef prepared: the best burgers and jerk chicken, covered with a special Jamaican sauce.”

The verdict: it was a trip to paradise worth repeating over and over. “Of course, now I know why they sing the song ‘Come Back To Jamaica.’ That is exactly what I’m going to do the first chance I get.”

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