Friday, 2 March 2012

THIS MEANS MONEY: Cover star Konshens riffs on SubKonshus, upcoming tours, and making $$

SHINING EXAMPLE: The star gets candid about his hustle and future plans.

As promised, Part II of our cover profile on dancehall’s Konshens, who continues his flurry of Mental Maintenance activities this weekend with a launch party in Brooklyn, New York, before giving a series of performances and press interviews across the US:

TALLAWAH: It’s absolutely admirable how you’ve been championing new ventures in your career like the forthcoming clothing line, OH’K. What does this mean to you?
Konshens: “It’s all business, and you also want to maximize on your ability. At the same time, you want to please the fans and keep yourself present in the market, and not just from a music standpoint, but just visible in front of people’s faces. It’s better for you business-wise, and the fans can connect with you more.”

Explain what’s been happening exactly with your label SubKonshus, which appears to be making huge strides since its inception a couple years ago.
“So far, we have quite a few artistes on it, like Darrio and Markize, and it’s been going good, but moreso overseas than here in Jamaica. Initially, it was formed for me to do my own production because I wanted to be more hands-on with it. But then I started to kick off some doors and I realized that the artistes them need to start kick off some doors too. So with my knowledge of trial and error in the music business, I’m trying to set a way for them not to make the same mistakes that I made, and have a house for them to basically be able to produce them work. We just did the “School Fee” juggling, and “Gal Ah Bubble” is a next production. And we have whole heap more to go.”

Since the start of the year, you’ve been consistently churning out music videos nonstop. What gives?
“It’s just work, work, work. And we have whole heap more to come because I’m gonna leave Jamaica for like a month. So because it’s out of sight, out of mind, I want to load them up for the fans.”

What else should we know concerning your endeavours for 2012?
“Well, the album is the main focus right now, and we’re gonna take it on the road. We have the US tour booked already, and you know seh Europe ah come up after that, as well as I want to be here for Sumfest and ATI. So it’s a very busy set of months ahead for Konshens.”

So you adore the busy life?
“Yeah, because the Devil finds work for idle hands. So if you’re in a business where the busier you are, the more money you make, you keep busy. And we love music, so that makes it even better.”

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