Thursday, 5 April 2012

ON HER MIND: Sharee McDonald-Russell on returning to the stage and her dream role

SHE'S ROYAL: "I enjoy it every night," says Sharee of being back under the Centrestage lights.

Looking fresh-faced at Monday’s Actor Boy Awards, actress Sharee McDonald-Russell could hardly contain her glee as the Jambiz crew celebrated a much-deserved Best Comedy win for Charlie’s Angels. But these days, Sharee and her costars are also earning kudos for their stellar ensemble synergy in another theatrical laugh-riot.

“It’s so nice working with the crew again for Breadfruit Kingdom. It’s great. I got some time off and it feels good coming back. And the reception is just wonderful,” says the actress, who recently stepped in for colleague Camille Davis (who is on leave) to portray the emotional Queen Street in the comedy-musical currently running at Centrestage. “I enjoy it every night. I am coming from a musical-theatre background so the little music in it and dancing has helped me to take the performance to another level.”

Like so many of her contemporaries, Sharee is admittedly a ‘musical baby’ through and through – and it’s a reality she couldn’t truly escape even if she tried. “The love of musicals is in my blood. I love to sing and dance, as well as act,” she dishes to TALLAWAH. “So it would be my dream role to star in a really big Broadway-type musical. It would be wonderful to do that. But I haven’t tapped into a lot of characters just yet, so I’ll probably do a few so I’ll have a lot more to tap into when the time comes.”

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