Friday, 20 April 2012

OUT & ABOUT: Grace Jones + Cordel Green + Rick Fox + Shaggy + MC Lyte + Chris Byfield

WALK THIS WAY: April 17, Los Angeles. Hip hop pioneer MC Lyte took to the red carpet for the premiere of the new Marley documentary at the Arclight Theatre in L.A. Since its release, the film has been the subject of glowing reviews across the globe.

FINE PAIR: April 17, Los Angeles. NBA great Rick Fox and daughter Sasha also hit the red carpet last Tuesday at the Arclight Theatre for the L.A. premiere of Marley, which on Thursday brought out hundreds of Jamaicans to the Emancipation Park in Kingston. The film opens in cinemas worldwide this Friday.

FLASH BACK: April 18, St. Andrew. Though she's been off the radar for quite some time, music icon Grace Jones put in an appearance at Strawberry Hill earlier this week, posing for this quick snap with Shaggy.

LEAN ON ME: April 18, Kingston. Last Wednesday's opening ceremony for the 2012 Reggae Film Festival brought out the likes of FLOW's Jeannette Lewis and rising filmmaker Chris Byfield to the gardens of the Jamaica Pegasus. Byfield's Red Amber Green is one of the films to be screened at the festival this weekend.

NIGHT LIFE: April 18, Kingston. The Broadcasting Commission's Cordel Green and ital food-preneur Ketis Barrett also took in the films on view at the Reggae Film Festival last Wednesday night at the Pegasus.

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