Tuesday, 17 April 2012

POWER PLAYER: Regina Beavers is moving on – and stepping up

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: "I always look forward to a challenge."

Regina Beavers is at a definitive point in her life, which comes with some big risks. But she would have it no other way. Having traded early-morning television (CVM at Sunrise) for late-night radio chat (FAME’s Uncensored), the charming beauty is busy these days navigating the rigours of career and family life while making a solid national contribution – which encompasses spearheading plans for next month’s Miss Jamaica World, the grand Jamaica 50 edition. And she’s doing all this with her confidence securely intact. She speaks exclusively to TALLAWAH about making major moves, tackling new challenges, and the personal growth that keeps her surging ahead.

TALLAWAH: Regina, what led to your exit from CVM At Sunrise – and moving on to new frontiers?
Regina Beavers: I am all about growth, development, challenges, and new experiences. I loved every minute of Sunrise and truly miss waking up with Jamaica in the mornings. But the truth is, sometimes we can’t do it all. I am excited about my new ventures and looking forward to adding another layer to my expertise.

Are you still affiliated with the CVM brand?
I am no longer an employee at CVM. So I don’t think they see it that way. But my fans do.

Co-hosting Uncensored and being apart of the FAME 95 family now, how has that been going?
I just love radio. It forces you to be creative. When they send me out on [outside broadcasts], I am able to create and describe a world that is full of details excitement and information. It's flexible and fun. Everyone on staff has been so warm and welcoming. I am happy. Uncensored, as you know, is every Monday night from 9-10 pm, and we talk about every- and anything. In our production meetings, we have already listed a few very controversial topics. So I can’t wait to get the public involved.

Any special plans for Miss Jamaica World 2012? Do you feel any pressure as pageant director?
The pressure is on especially because it is not just MJW 2012, but also MJW 50, as we celebrate Jamaica's independence. We have lots of special things planned with that theme in mind, and already have secured major sponsors like Supreme Ventures, Venus Embrace, Softsheen Carson and Neutrogena, just to name a few. As you know, we have started earlier this year to ensure that whoever wins is more than prepared to bring home the crown at Miss World, which will also happen earlier this year. Our pre-selected ladies have been working out at Spartan Health Club and have started grooming classes with D.J. Shaw and Norma Brown Bell on a Saturday. Our selection of finalists won’t take place until May, and anyone can still participate with equal opportunity. I will have much more to reveal as the weeks go by, because my team and I are working extremely hard to ensure a successful and unforgettable staging of this year’s pageant.

As for your exploits as an actress, how do you feel about your character's evolution on The Blackburns of RPE?
As I mentioned earlier, I love growth and I feel like my character is growing in the script and also on the people. Acting is my passion, so I am always excited about my new scripts. Some of the scenes get really intimate, so it takes serious professionalism to execute, but I always look forward to the challenge.

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  1. Go girl I wish you all the best and great success in your new ventures