Monday, 21 May 2012

DANIELLE CROSSKILL: The luscious beauty shares her post-Miss Jamaica plans

SITTING PRETTY: "I’ve learned to be more confident about myself."

It’s been quite a year for Danielle Crosskill, the multifaceted 26-year-old who snagged the title of Miss Jamaica World last May and has been lending her time to a number of new and established initiatives ever since. As she prepares to pass on the baton to a successor in the coming weeks, she talks with TALLAWAH about what she’s taking away from the life-changing experience, her passion for early childhood education, and (surprisingly!) her tomboy childhood.

TALLAWAH: Time flies! You’ll be wearing the Miss Jamaica World crown for just another month. How have you been enjoying the ride?
Crosskill: It’s been amazing! I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of things I wouldn’t have had the chance to do if I didn’t have this platform. I’ve been working on a big project called Crayons Count, which is a campaign to support early-childhood education in Jamaica, and for that I partnered with the founder of the initiative, Bianca Morrison.

What primary goals are you hoping Crayons Count will achieve?
We have two aims: 1) to provide all basic schools across the island with learning kits, which have tools like crayons, paste, paper... 2) It’s a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of early-childhood education because not everyone realizes just how important it is for children to be simulated from that age. So that’s something, as I said, that I’ve been working on and very busy with, and we’re really trying to get it into the schools for September. It’s an ongoing project so I’d love to stay involved with it.

In the past year, you must have learned a lot about yourself.
Absolutely. I’ve learned to be more confident about myself and I’ve also learned a lot about time management. I was not very organized prior to this, but so much is going on and I’ve continued working. I’ve been working at my family business, as well as teaching. So with all of that, plus Miss Jamaica duties, I’ve had to know how to manage my time.

What were you like as a child?
Wow. (Laughs). I was a tomboy because I have three brothers, so I played a lot of football and cricket. But at the same I am very girly because I like to dress up and I love makeup. But I definitely was a tomboy growing up.

Tell me about your main goal in life as you head into your next chapter.
My main goal is to be successful in whatever I do – and to enjoy everything I do. I think it’s important to find something that you love because that’s what makes you happy. And I’m very passionate about teaching and early childhood education, and so I’m enjoying that. It’s something I don’t have enough time to do, but I’m determined to get back into it because it’s something that I really, really enjoy. So, yeah, I just want to be successful and eventually have a family of my own.

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  1. She is not a Miss Jamaica Universe, she is a Miss WOrld

  2. She was a huge failure at Miss World.