Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MORE THAN SKIN DEEP: New Miss Jamaica defends the role of beauty pageants

I'M YOUR VENUS: Zaky takes a “holistic” approach to loving herself.

Miss Jamaica Universe 2012, Chantal Zaky, takes the vow of beauty with a purpose seriously. So she unsurprisingly finds it disheartening when pageants are blithely dismissed by some as vacuous vanity projects. “I believe they get an unfair rap,” she tells the Style Observer. “It’s a plateau from which a lot of opportunities can come. If used properly the stage can be used to benefit the country and yourself.”

It’s that same sort of sensible reasoning the 24-year-old aspiring actress is hoping will help her excel at December’s highly anticipated Miss Universe coronation, which will take place at a venue to be determined. “My strategy is to exercise the power of positive thinking. I will do everything to make Jamaica the brightest star in the universe and shine,” she offers. “I want the judges and contestants to get the opportunity to know the real Chantal Zaky and judge me based on that. At least that way I can say I was true to myself.”

As for her own personal self-pampering rituals, Zaky prefers to keep it simple with nods to Mother Nature. “I’m very holistic when it comes to my beauty regimen. I follow the beauty secrets learnt from my grandmother,” she reveals. “I nourish my skin with our natural Jamaican products like aloe. I also use shea butter. I believe in drinking a lot of water, eating plenty of fruits – and getting a lot of rest is key.”

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