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MOTHER COURAGE: Is having a child the best thing you’ve ever done?

MATERNAL INSTINCT: Barrington Watson's Mother and Child (1958), housed at the National Gallery of Jamaica,

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, TALLAWAH rang up a few Jamaican celeb moms to get responses to the day’s most pressing query: Is having a child the best thing you’ve ever done? Here’s what the ladies had to share:

Deon Silvera, actress (mom of adult sons):
“It’s been a great experience. I have no regrets. Knowing that my boys are working and doing well makes me feel like it’s the best I’ve ever done. And they’re helping to pay the bills (Laughs). I’m very proud. Since this morning they gave me a gift and made breakfast. They are always [extra attentive] on Mother’s Day.”

Regina Beavers, Miss Jamaica World director (mom of a young son):
“Absolutely. It’s my biggest achievement, my biggest accomplishment, my proudest moment. It’s everything for me. I guess my favourite thing is when Gio calls me ‘Mommy’; it lights up my life. Knowing that he’s from me and a part of me makes me feel like I have done something, I’ve left a mark. It’s a joy to be around him. It’s a huge responsibility, and just seeing him grow and learning about life is a wonderful thing.”

Raine Seville, recording star (mom of an infant girl):
“It’s my greatest achievement. It has definitely changed me as a person in terms of growth. The focus is greater now, and I’m more responsible now because I am in charge of another life. I’m more aware of life and the things that are important in life. So I have achieved all of that through motherhood. The greatest highlight was when she first called me ‘Mama.’ That was actually her first word.”

Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright, actress (mom of teenaged daughter):
(Laughs) I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, because it’s a learning process and you learn how to appreciate it through the child’s developmental stages. For each milestone, you become more appreciative of motherhood. Each stage has its own joys. It’s a great feeling. And when you feel that you’ve achieved, then it makes you feel even much better.”

Cecile Johnson Semaj, Asante Adonai co-ordinator (mom of a teenaged son):
“I would say it is a very significant thing that I have done, but I think the contribution he will eventually make will determine if it’s the best thing I have ever done. It’s early days yet; he’s 17. But I think just having the opportunity to interact with him is great. You know how people have children just because they want an opportunity to grow and discipline the child, etc etc? It’s not that way for me. For me, even before he was born, I saw him as a separate individual from myself. So for me, the joy of it is seeing him evolve and becoming a whole person. My advice to young mothers is this: Every stage of raising a child brings its own joys, so just enjoy the journey.”

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