Monday, 21 May 2012

NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Sizzling singles from Konshens + Tanya Stephens + ‘Gongzilla’ Marley

Over the years Damian ‘Gongzilla’ Marley has teamed up with everyone from Nas to Bruno Mars to Gwen Stefani, but his brand-new collabo with electro/dub-step whiz Skrillex has got to be the most interesting yet. On the loopy, kaleidoscopic “Make It Bun Dem,” the dynamic duo takes listeners through a sonically winding tunnel full of vim, colour and bass. But it’s Marley’s signature bravado-soaked lyricism that makes the song a bonafide standout. B+

A rather observant YouTube commenter notes that Konshens “know the type of music to make the ladies bruk out!” With his R-rated, straight-to-the-point “Stop Sign,” the ace deejay only needs a couple minutes to drive this point home: he’s all about the ‘treasure’ hunt when he steps inside the rampin’ shop. Bruk out music, indeed. B

It’s pretty common knowledge that Tanya Stephens never shies away from saying exactly what’s on her mind through lyrics that have contributed to massive hits like “These Streets” and “It’s A Pity.” Now comes “Dirty Thoughts,” a raunchy-sexy trip down memory lane aimed at an incarcerated lover. It’s hot, relatable stuff, but the uninitiated might want to break out the urban dictionary for terms like, ahem, “lizard lap.” B

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