Monday, 28 May 2012

ON THE SCENE: Stephen Marley + Michael Cuffe + Maya Wilkinson + Regina Beavers + Damian Shaw + PM Portia Simpson-Miller

THE BRIGHT SIDE: May 26, St. Andrew. Hosting the proceedings at the Miss Jamaica World sashing of the 2012 finalists at Sovereign Centre on the weekend, FAME FM buddies Regina Beavers and Michael Cuffe look like fresh tropical produce ready to be devoured. Yum. (Photo: STUSH).

WIPE ME DOWN: May 23, Kingston. With her sharp eye for detail, PM Portia Simpson-Miller gives the bust of National Hero Marcus M. Garvey a royal cleaning as part of her Labour Day duties at the National Heroes Park on Wednesday. (Photo: OPM).

THE SON ALSO RISES: May 16, The Netherlands. At a recent sold-out concert in Rotterdam, Grammy winner Stephen Marley invited rising reggae star Joe Mercer, to join him on stage for a brief father-son moment. The resemblance is uncanny! (Photo: Stephen Marley).

LEAN ON ME: May 26, Kingston: No doubt one of the best dressed 'pairs' of the night, Damian Shaw and Maya Wilkinson brought a classy touch of elegance to the Style Week after-party inside the Fiction nightclub on the weekend. (Photo: STUSH).

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