Thursday, 10 May 2012

OUT & ABOUT: Beenie Man + PM Portia Simpson-Miller + Justine Henzell + Fambo + Alrick Brown + Brian Lumley + Cham

FIRST CLASS: May 7, Kingston. Perennial fan favourite and reigning dancehall kingpin Cham spared a moment for a photo-op with stewardess Tracie Jones on-board a recent flight out of the city. Love the cool shades! (Cred: Tracie Jones).

CULINARY MASTERS: May 6, St. Andrew. Drinks in hand, kitchen pros Brian Andrew Lumley and Lendave Burton were all smiles as they stepped out for last weekend's "Bachelor Chef Cookout" in Kingston. What a novel idea! (Cred: Skkan Media).

HAT TRICK: May 5, Kingston. Dancehall vets Beenie Man and Fambo were spotted in chill mode at last Saturday's Chandor inside Club Overtime. Did The Doctor turn heads with that fabulous (and quite patriotic) headpiece? You bet. (Cred: Skkan Media).

WE OWN THE NIGHT: May 5, St. Andrew. Calabash co-founder Justine Henzell and filmmaker Alrick Brown enjoy each other's company at last Saturday's screening of Brown's prize-winning Rwanda-set film Kinyarwanda, hosted at the Red Bones Blues Cafe. (Cred: Jamaica Observer).

CHILDREN'S HOUR: May 8, Kingston. At Jamaica House, PM Portia Simpson-Miller participated in the Jamaica Teachers' Association "Read Across Jamaica Day" by hosting a class of five- and six-year-olds from the Jamaica House Basic School. For her reading, Simpson-Miller selected Little Lion Goes to School by Jamaican author Kellie Magnus. The children read along with the PM then later visited her office and the Cabinet Room. (Cred: OPM).

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