Wednesday, 30 May 2012

OUT & ABOUT: Yohan Blake + PM Portia Simpson-Miller + Casmar James + PJ Patterson + Pamela Bridgewater + Konshens

EATING OUT: May 27, Kingston. Konshens prepares to chow down on some freshly prepared jerked chicken following his performance at the CB Pan Chicken Championships, Eastern Eliminations, at the Ranny Williams Ent. Centre last Sunday. (Photo: STUSH).

TWO'S COMPANY: May 27, Kingston. The ace entertainer, whose provocative new hit "Stop Sign" is currently riding the dancehall charts, was also seen enjoying the company of Kimmi Mullings of CB Chicken at the event on the grounds of the Ranny Williams Ent. Centre. Check out the cap! (Photo: STUSH).

SIZE MATTERS: May 25, Kingston. Cozying up to a pretty young thing, supermodel and Pree Dis host Casmar James was spotted sporting a sleek new haircut (and a pack of XL rubbers) at last Friday's Rough Riders-sponsored Maydaze Krazy Dress Up in the city. (Photo: Skkan Media).

FAST FRIENDS: May 26, St. Andrew. Yohan 'The Beast' Blake recently picked a winner (Khalil Munroe) for his inaugural Show Your Stripes competition, which comes with an attractive prize of an all-inclusive trip for two to New York to watch Blake blaze the track at the Adidas Grand Prix on Saturday, June 8. (Photo: Yohan Blake).

FOUR PLAY: May 26, Kingston. Last Saturday night, a gleeful PM Portia Simpson Miller was in the house for the special performance of the Dance Theatre of Harlem at the Little Theatre. The recital was organized by US Ambassador, Pamela Bridgewater, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and the United States. Sharing the photo-op: former PM P.J. Patterson (left) and Bridgewater's hubby, Rev. Russell Awkward. (Photo: OPM).

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