Tuesday, 12 June 2012

EDITOR’S PICKS: Three noteworthy design talents triumph at CFW 2012

David André (Haiti)

The mercurial Haitian designer’s “Sea, Sex, Sun” resort-wear collection evoked a warm, tranquil weekend escape with its mix of aqua blues, seascape-inspired textures and oceans of breezy white fabric. Oraine Barrett (above) immortalizes this effortlessly sexy look from the collection.

Sonia Noel (Guyana)

The lavishly gifted Noel certainly left a lingering impression with her “Mariska’s Designs” collection. From the enormous, beehive-esque headwear to the inspiring, ethnic-inspired garments, it was a laudable showcase steeped in a stark palette. A cultural gem.

Marvalyn Nelson (Jamaica/Florida)

With “House of Lamaica,” this Jamaican-born, Florida-based talent showed “cool summery fabrics in bold colours,” but her eye-popping graphic prints and outside-the-box patterns were by far the most unforgettable of the lot. The most interesting piece? Jaunel McKenzie’s (above) triple-tulle dress in an urgent flurry of tropical hues.

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  1. I would look about two miles wide in the last frock. Only for skinny people. But I like the others (minus the beehive).