Sunday, 17 June 2012

THE HONEYMOONERS: Sean Paul officially launches Tomahawk + Is Jodi Stewart expecting?

MAN OF THE MOMENT: Ahead of the official North American release of his most recent studio effort, Tomahawk Technique, dancehall megastar (and newlywed) Sean Paul hosted a well-supported, Remy Martin-sponsored launch of the album last Wednesday evening inside the Fiction nightclub. The event brought out a host of faces from the social and entertainment sets, including the Chin sisters, Tami and Tessanne, and Wayne Marshall. According to SP, the album (already massively successful in Europe) will be arrive Stateside in August.

WHERE MY GIRLS AT? And we couldn’t possibly be talking about Sean Paul and not mention his fabulous wifey, the fresh-faced Jodi ‘Jinx’ Stewart, who joined the rest of the well-wishers at Fiction for her hubby’s album launch. We couldn’t help but notice that her good girlfriends (Camesha Powell, Traci-Leigh Stewart, Yaneka Artwell, Kaysian Bourke and Mala Morrison) were making a point of drawing our attention to Jodi’s tummy. Does mama have a little bun in the oven? Hmmmmm…TALLAWAH awaits the official word.

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