Sunday, 3 June 2012

LUBICA’s New Day: Moving on and standing strong for the future

MOMENT IN THE SUN: Lubica on the Strawberry Hill set of her new film.

Don’t cry for Lubica, Jamaica. The girl is tough as nails. In the face of all the hoopla over her shocking – and painful – split from the world’s fastest sprinter, the assiduous fashion designer has found solace in what she loves most and does best: work. As she prepares to debut her highly anticipated film, Beyond, this week and a stunning new collection later this month, the newly single Miss Slovak speaks exclusively to TALLAWAH about her lifelong strategy for coping with difficult times, how she’s keeping herself blissful these days, and her exhilarating plans for the summer and… beyond.

TALLAWAH: Your first film as a producer, Beyond, premieres this week. Are you satisfied with what you’ve seen of it so far?
Lubica: Yes, very, of course. [Directors] Storm and Nile [Saulter] are brilliant. It looks very good.

What will viewers love most about it?
The story and the clothes, of course. And like I said last time, the models look amazing and the whole picture, the colour, the quality is terrific. It looks really, really good.

And it’s still five minutes long, right?
Um, there’s still some editing that has to be done, but when it’s completely finished it should be about five, six minutes long. It’s not 100 percent finished, but it will be ready in a few days.

The last time we spoke, there was no confirmation on whether you will be showing your latest collection at Caribbean Fashion Week this month.
You see, I wanted to show at CFW because it’s been so long and it’s a nice vibe. But my fashion show has been scheduled for the 14th, which is after CFW, so I can’t show this year. I was supposed to have my show at the end of May, but it got moved to the 14th and just created too much confusion, so I couldn’t do CFW. I really wanted to, but I can’t because I already made these other arrangements and I can’t cancel those.

Let’s get a bit more personal. Your recent breakup with Usain Bolt was such a widely publicized affair. What was it like dealing with that sort of thing?
(Laughs). You naughty, you.

I’m serious. It’s been splashed across international tabloids and all over the ’net. It must have been incredibly disheartening – or have you decided to pay zero attention to everything that has happened?
No, I’m good. But I don’t like to talk about it.

I see. But in general, how have you always dealt with adversity and the difficult periods in your life? Who do you turn to?
I mean, I have my friends and my family. I always look at the positive and don’t try to dwell on the negativity too much because, you know, everything will pass. And you might go through hard times, but then things always get better. Always. So I choose to focus on that.

So you’re not broken in any way. You’re fine.
Yeah. Generally speaking. (Laughs).

You seem so strong, and I admire that. And you’re always in an upbeat mood, always laughing.
That’s how I am. I’m always happy, and I’m always laughing. I mean, I do have down days when I’m just not feeling like myself. You always have the up and down, but that’s just part of life.

Absolutely. So do you maintain a close connection with your folks back in Slovakia? How are they doing?
They’re great, actually. I talk to my mom everyday on Skype. My mom is in Slovakia, but my dad is Canada. And I’m very close to both of my parents, even though I’m so far away from them. I go to Slovakia once a year and I go to Toronto every few months.

Looking ahead, how are you planning to spend this summer?
Well, I have a new line coming out and then I’m going to do another one before the end of the year. And I have a few shows that I’m going to do in other Caribbean islands and in Europe as well. But nothing has been 100 percent confirmed.

What about hitting the beach for some fun in the sun?
You know, I am planning for after my show to just go to the beach for the whole week because I haven’t been in so long. But I don’t get to do a lot of stuff because I’m so busy. Some people, I guess, would say boring but I say determined. (Laughs).

Well, I’m glad you’re keeping yourself blissful and focussed on your passions. You clearly don’t let anything get you down.
I try and it feels nice. I mean, I do cry. Sometimes. But I try to be happy.

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  1. A highly-anticipated five-minute film? Hmmm. I know she is a very nice person though, and I do wish her all the best...

  2. I knew you were going to post a comment on this story, Petchary. Sooner or later... LOL