Friday, 1 June 2012

MODERN ROMANCE: Sean Paul and Jodi Stewart jet off to honeymoon in French Polynesia

JUST MARRIED: The beaming couple on their big day. (Photo: Dwayne Watkins/Page 2).

Surrounded by family and some of their closest friends, a jubilant Jodi ‘Jinx’ Stewart and her longtime beau Sean Paul Henriques tied the knot during an intimate, private ceremony at the Boone Hall Oasis in rural St. Andrew this past weekend. But it is their exotic honeymoon destination that really has everyone buzzing.

The crazy-in-love pair are said to be soaking up the dreamy ocean-swept views of the French Polynesian Islands (pictured below) as you read this. The Henriques’ flew out of the island on Monday for the Pacific paradise to make some extra-special memories. Good for them!

Located smack in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the islands of French Polynesia have a total land area of 4,167 square kilometres (1,622 sq. mi) scattered over some 2.5 million square kilometres (965,255 sq. mi) of ocean. There are approx. 130 islands in French Polynesia. The highest point is Mount Orohena on Tahiti, the largest and most populated of the islands.

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  1. Lovely! This is such a lovely event, and clearly a relationship that has "stood the test of time." It is sort of my dream to visit Polynesia...Did they go to Bora Bora?

  2. That's highly likely! Bora Bora matches their obviously exquisite tastes.