Thursday, 7 June 2012

NEWS & NOTES: OnePeople docu previewed at UWI

Members of the entertainment and culture communities gathered at UWI’s Philip Sherlock Centre on Tuesday evening to witness an early preview of the much-anticipated OnePeople documentary. The debut film project from 1962 Productions, it features a series of Jamaica 50-inspired interviews with outstanding Jamaicans (Colin Powell, Romain Virgo and Yohan Blake, to name only a few) from all walks of life. Zach Harding and William Mahfood (above) were among those on the scene for Tuesday's premiere. OnePeople will be available for general public viewing come August.

Fresh from his powerful showcase at Freedom Fest in Kingston recently, gospel star Prodigal Son (as well as members of his Radikal Yawd camp) are flying out this weekend for performances in North America. The gang will hit Atlanta, with plans to tour other US cities and Canada later this year. Meantime, Prodigal’s latest CD, 7699, is being distributed internationally via VP/Atlantic Records and Greensleeves, thanks to a groundbreaking new deal.

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