Tuesday, 26 June 2012

STILL STANDING: Patra on finishing her education, her new music, and sex in reggae

WITH AN EDGE: "There’s nothing for me to compare myself to."

If you thought you’d seen or heard the last of Patra, think again. Dancehall’s original vixen (née Dorothy Smith) says she’s still in the game and poised to reinvigorate her career with some hits for the summer and a new studio album (later this year) that will let fans get to know her again. The 39-year-old star recently chatted with VIBE Magazine. Below, some excerpts:

On her lengthy hiatus from the spotlight: “What happened was I was taking a break, to get my career on track. It’s very simple. I just wanted to be in control, finish my education, and just to be happy, that’s basically it. There’s nothing really dramatic to discuss. I just needed to take that break to get myself and things together in order to be in control of my own business. To me that is the most refreshing thing I was able to accomplish from my absence from the scene is to be in control of my stuff.”

On her upcoming album: “I decided to keep it simple and name it Patra: The Continuation. Because actually, I didn’t go anywhere, I was just focusing on getting stuff straightened out and I just want to continue where I left off and try to be even better.”

On still keeping it hot and spicy: “It’s always going to be about sex with me, nothing political. I’m just focusing on being sexy all the time. That’s all I’m doing right now. Just being sexy, chopping up the charts and everything. I just want to feel good! I love what I do, and I’m excited to be back. And of course, the original dance queen come back!”

On controlling her destiny: “When you have old school artists like me, you can evolve and change. I haven’t evolved, but I’ve evolved in terms of my company. But I’m not changing anything. I haven’t seen a change really. I think everybody is doing what they’re doing. I’m just blessed to be doing what I’m doing and taking reggae music to a whole other level. There’s nothing for me to compare myself to.”

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  1. Is that all Patra has to offer our children? You mean while she went to sleep she didn't get a positive vision to return in Jamaica's 50th year? She really is out dated. While she was sleeping Jamaica has moved on in this year of our 50th Jubilee from the sex based music to a more conscious music by which our children can grow, develop and make us a productively proud nation. Check out Damion Marley's "set up shop" and Julian's "my heart cry." If we are to survive we must reject the negative violent, vulgar and virulent music which makes us look bad.

  2. I wonder what was Patra studying why she has decided that the only thing she has to offer to the music industry is sex at the prime age of 39. Clearly she doesn't believe children are the future and that it is worth producing some decent songs in commemoration of JA's 50th year of independence. If sex is all Patra has to offer then I would suggest that she should star in a porn film and avoid the music industry. After all these years off the scene she only has sex to offer-kmt!!!!

  3. Dummy! She has nothing better to do or say! Daah!

  4. I have to agree with all of the above. Yes, why doesn't she become a porn star? I can only respond with a very long and loud YAWN.

  5. I think she been honest to her self. Look what Vybez Kartel has done to our Jamaican children with all these explicit sex songs. Leave the girl alone and mind oonuh own business.