Wednesday, 18 July 2012

BITS & PIECES: A new docu-film on Usain Bolt hits BBC + Mike Tyson digs Bolt's new video game

Haven’t you heard? Usain Bolt is now a bonafide star of screen. The small screen, that is. The much buzzed-about docu on the record-shattering track superstar premiered Monday on the UK’s BBC One. The work of French producer/director Gael Leiblang, the hour-long Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man Alive is an intimate portrait of the world’s fastest man, who is looking to defend his Olympic 100 and 200M titles this summer in London.

And in other Bolt-related news, video-game aficionados (including such celebs as Mike Tyson) are singing the praises of Bolt’s very own game, newly available and aptly titled “Bolt!” The other day Tyson tweeted: “I scored 390,339 points in @Bolt! Get this game for free & try to beat my score.”

On Monday, RockLive released the special Bolt! game for iOS devises (Iphones, Ipad). It features Usain Bolt as a superhero – but it's not a track-and-field game. In the game, Bolt runs, jumps, and slides as he tries to collect gold coins and Gatorade while being chased by pirates.

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