Thursday, 5 July 2012

CHAT ‘BOUT: Lisa Hanna on her ‘failing grade’; Horace Burrell lashes Bolt critics

“We want to infect the world with that pride. We want to infect the world with that energy, that still-to-be-explained quality that Jamaica possesses that has made it into almost a world superpower. We have always felt that the [Jamaica 50] celebration has to be about substance. So the celebrations are not necessarily just parties. The whole theme of this is to be a sober reflection that looks at the pillars of the society.”
– Head of the Golden Jubilee Secretariat, Robert Bryan, on planned Jamaica 50 events at home and in the Diaspora


“I invite all those student leaders to come and meet with me because there have been clear objectives that have been set, clear policy initiatives which were addressed [on Tuesday].” – Youth & Culture minister Lisa Hanna (above) in response to being given a failing grade by the nation’s youth leaders

“It’s good to be back in my hometown, and I’m hoping I can give the home crowd something to cheer about. It’s good to have the home pressure on you rather than being relaxed and get complacent and then things don’t go your way. We wan to give the fans something to cheer about, and as I’m a homeboy, hopefully I can get a hundred there and raise the bat again.” – Chris Gayle on the thrill of returning to Sabina Park (for the WI vs. NZ one-day series)

“Usain Bolt has done so much good for us as a people, and the fact that there was a slight disappointment [at the trials] in so far as the expectations were concerned, now I am listening to people turning against Usain and they should stop this nonsense. Usain’s going through a rough patch, but why not instead encourage Usain. I am asking for encouragement. So please instead of tearing down Usain, let us build him up because this is a time when he needs support from the entire nation.” – JFF boss Capt. Horace Burrell lashing detractors of the World’s Fastest Man

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  1. It seems Mr. Bolt has a slight injury... I wish them all well! Not a cricket fan but I hope Mr. Gayle got good support at the Park.
    Mr. Bryan - where IS the "sober reflection"? All we have had from him is a lot of marketing-speak about rebranding, etc. Come on...