Monday, 23 July 2012

COUNTRY STRONG: A Letter from the Editor

One doesn’t often hear of a ‘Third World’ nation marking five decades of political independence while poised to outshine some of the world’s most intimidating superpowers on an Olympic-sized stage. But this month, as we turn 50 and march into London, that is precisely the sweet predicament in which Jamaica finds itself. We are swaggin’!

TALLAWAH considers this August issue our valentine to the nation at this moment of golden jubilee. What’s more, I firmly believe that now is the most ideal time look to the road not yet taken even as we pause to pay tribute to our eventful past and those who paved the way.

Above all, it’s an exciting time to have a front-row seat in a culture that continues to captivate the world. And as I’ve discovered, the landscape has no shortage of other sons and daughters of the soil who feel the same way.

Take for instance playwright extraordinaire Aston Cooke (“National Treasure”), who is breathing new and full-bodied life into his clever and hilarious Jamaica 2 Rahtid franchise with the eagerly awaited debut of the third instalment aptly dubbed Fifty 2 Rahtid. Knowing Aston and his impressive track record, audiences are in for a real delight when the curtains go up at the Pantry Playhouse on Emancipation Day, August 1.

I must also make special mention of overseas-based writer and entrepreneur Joelle Wright (“Laughing Matter”) whose witty and wonderful sketch-comedy books have been hand-picked by Sangster’s Bookstores for inclusion in an upcoming Jamaica 50 literary event, which promises to shine the spotlight on celebrated authors as well as the up-and-comers (at home and across the Diaspora) who would do well with the attention.

As for our Olympic hopefuls aspiring to bring back the top honours (“Pride of a Nation”), we no doubt anticipate great news out of London as the Games unfold before a global audience of billions. More than ever, Jamaicans have the world’s full attention. And if there’s one thing we’ve mastered over time it’s how to put on a great show.

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