Sunday, 15 July 2012

CROWD FAVOURITE: For Etana, a busy summer brings the pleasures of touring

“The way things are looking here, this is shaping up to be one of the best tours in Europe. Things are much smoother, not many hiccups. None of the dates got cancelled, and the people came out in numbers for club dates and the festivals were crazy! I won't even mention how insane Portugal was, and I am so looking forward to Rototom in Spain and Chiemsee in Germany.”

This coming from globe-trotting songstress Etana, who has been blazing a trail on the road these past few weeks while in the throes of her current summer tour – bringing her soothing brand of reggae and soul-R&B to lovely audiences across Europe. So far, she’s reportedly touched down in some 11 countries and 14 cities, including Vienna, Madrid, Zurich, Berlin and Rotterdam. “Performing in Europe is so exciting,” she admits. “The people are so appreciative of our culture and our music. And I still get goose-bumps when the crowd sings along with me word for word.”

As for the rest of the summer, the singer (whose eagerly-awaited third studio album arrives in early 2013) is preparing to hit the stage at some major festivals like Toronto’s CanJam on July 21 and Spain’s Rototom at a later date. “Because the album isn't quite ready yet, I'm not really singing a lot of new songs, so people are enjoying the show so much more,” Etana dishes. “They know every song in the set list and trust me, they sing along and get involved in the performance.”

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