Wednesday, 11 July 2012

EDITOR’S PICKS: A Bahamian love story with a twist + the Dixie Chicks hold ‘Court’

Children of God

Director: Kareem Mortimer

Poignant, beautifully told and visually enchanting, Children of God is that rare cinematic jewel that insightfully takes a look at same-sex love and romance this side of the universe.

Set in the breezy tropical paradise of the Bahamas, Children tells the story of blue-eyed Johnny (Johnny Ferro), a gifted young painter from America seeking inspiration who encounters Romeo (Stephen Tyrone Williams), a kind and sexy local musician with a winning smile. Before long a mutual attraction develops, but the two are quickly reminded just how fiercely small-minded members of their complicated surroundings are – including those in positions of influence and authority.

Written and directed by rising filmmaker Kareem Mortimer, the widely praised film wins you over with its genuinely touching story, committed performances and irresistible Caribbean setting. I saw it a few nights ago, and I highly recommend that you check it out as well.

Court Yard Hounds

Artiste: Court Yard Hounds

Two years ago, with their group the Dixie Chicks on recording hiatus, singer-musicians Emily Robison and Martie McGuire decided to make music as the Court Yard Hounds – without departing from the countrified alt-folk that made their group the multi-Grammy-winning success we know it to be. Ever since it was released (to critical huzzahs, might I add), I’ve been meaning to give the album a proper listen. This week I’m finally getting to do so.

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