Tuesday, 3 July 2012

INDIE SPIRIT: Michelle Williams shines in Take This Waltz

FANTASY RIDE: Kirby (left) and Williams have chemistry.

What makes Michelle Williams such a perfect fit for soul-stirring independent films? Boasting a résumé that includes mesmerizing turns in such screen gems as Wendy and Lucy, Blue Valentine and My Week with Marilyn, the Golden Globe-winning actress consistently shines, garnering critical huzzahs.

Emotional generosity, depth, intelligence and captivating luminosity are the prime assets of many an acclaimed actress, but they are especially effective in the case of Williams.

Now comes her latest, Take This Waltz, a tender, well-acted and beautifully filmed drama (by the Canadian auteur Sara Polley), which finds Williams again rendering some brilliant acting, rising above the film’s (sometimes) hackneyed dialogue. Williams plays Margot, a 28-year-old wife caught between her duty to her cookbook-writer husband (Seth Rogen, surprisingly superb) and her feelings for a handsome neighbour (Daniel Kirby).

What plays out is a love triangle that forces its participants to re-evaluate their priorities. Polley reveals a gift for capturing gorgeous scenery, and Rogen and Kirby are appealing. But it’s Williams that the camera loves best. Throughout, she is a joy to watch. Tyrone’s Verdict: B+

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