Wednesday, 25 July 2012

JUST THE TWO OF US: Chino hits Digicel Stars to perform special dedication to Yendi + What will they name the baby?

SPECIAL DEDICATION: Chino in performance on Digicel Stars.

As the world waits with bated breath for the arrival of his child (niño or niña?) with Jamaican beauty Yendi Phillipps, a dapper-looking Chino hit the stage at Sunday’s Digicel Stars’ second live show, to close the night’s performances with a rendition of his latest jam, “Miss Universe,” a thoughtful, sweetly melodious ode to his lady love. By all appearances, the audience loved it – the coaches and mentors included, who could be seen rocking to the mid-tempo beat, off the Bassline Riddim.

In addition to extolling the pleasures of his romance with the woman carrying his child, Chino’s song takes sharp aim at detractors who continue to speak ill of their relationship. Below, a sampling of the lyrics:

“Weh dem ah talk bout, Mek me laugh out. Dem miserable so them suss and dem a blog out.
And me and you, we nah go mash up. We match up, paparazzi hide inna bush a try catch us. You wear di crown and the gown. And you satch up, while dem a play catch up.

Miss Universe, whole life fi you mi search. Mi want fi gi you couple yute fi nurse.
Miss Universe, true we a move forward dem want si me and you reverse.
Miss Universe, some gyal a real headache. But, baby girl, you smooth mi nerves.
Miss Universe, we love cement just like a concrete.
Girl, you are my heartbeat.”

Meanwhile, Chino is also looking toward the Japanese release of his latest studio album, an as-yet-untitled record due in September. For her part, Yendi, we hear, has been busy these past few weeks sorting through dozens of possible names for the baby and fielding suggestions from family and some of her closest friends.

Parting question: If the babe turns out to be a girl, will she be named for Yendi’s late mother, Sonja? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate honour?

UP CLOSE: The happy pair at last month's Digicel 4G launch in Kingston.

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