Tuesday, 31 July 2012

MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF 2012: Anthony Winkler’s historical rethink God Carlos

Legendary Jamaican novelist Anthony C. Winkler (The Lunatic, Crocodile) keeps reminding us that he can write about anything. Due out September 4 via Akashic Books, Winkler’s newest effort, God Carlos, has been described as “a provocative and persuasive historical novel exploring the Spanish brutality against native Indians in early-16th-century Jamaica.”

Already the book is the subject of much acclaim. “Set in the sixteenth century, Winkler's latest novel is something like Heart of Darkness meets Animal Farm,” reports Kei Miller (The Last Warner Woman). “But what happens when Jamaica's most flamboyantly irreverent and fiercely contemporary novelist tackles the past? Why, the past becomes flamboyantly irreverent and fiercely contemporary. Winkler's achievement here is not that he remakes himself as a historical writer, but that he remakes history.”

Notes Marlon James: “Every country (is she’s lucky) gets the Mark Twain she deserves, and Winkler is ours, bristling with savage Jamaican wit and heart-stopping compassion.”

Pre-order your copy HERE.

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  1. This is an interesting departure from Mr. Winkler's usual writing. Sounds very good. The amazing thing about ALL these Jamaican writers is that they ALL live overseas, and have done so for a number of years - including Mr. Miller and Mr. James. This kind of bothers me.

  2. if you live in Jamaica, I'd suggest you get writing then!