Tuesday, 31 July 2012

ON THE RECORD: Konshens sounds off on career moves and Rastafari with MTV

VOX POPULAR: The ace deejay keeps it real.

As we reported earlier this week, dancehall hottie Konshens recently flew to the Big Apple to do some press and promotional work, including a photoshoot and interview with MTV Iggy in Manhattan. As it turns out, the conversation touched on a range of interesting topics:

On SubKonshus, his burgeoning record label: “I don’t want it to be known for one particular thing. I like variety. So whether you’re a good studio artist or you’re a good stage performer or you’re the entire package, something has to just stand out.”

Reggae and Rastafari: “I think if you are a Jamaican, and if you do reggae and dancehall music, you don’t have to, but you should respect Rasta as not just a tool to get exposure. You grew up amongst Rastafarian people who take Rastafarianism very serious. So it’s really a shame for you to use it as a mockery, or as a stepping stone, if you’re not serious about it.”

Striking a balance between the personal and the professional: “Keyword is balance. About the topics and the serious topics. I’m naturally that type of person, where it’s time to be serious I’m very serious. Just as when it’s time to party, I’m an idiot. I’m very much a fool. So, once you strike that balance in your life, yuh no stress out yourself in the serious thing, just as well as yuh no take them for granted.”

To read the full interview with Konshens, click HERE.

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