Tuesday, 10 July 2012

CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Asafa Powell + Craig Jackson + Franchester Christie + Danielle Rickards + Garnette Rose + Chino

CLOSE UP: July 7, Kingston. Dancehall star and dad-to-be Chino McGregor made the party scene last Saturday at Osmosis Luxe Life held at Fort Charles, posing for pics with fellow partygoers like this pretty young miss. A bit of research revealed that she is Danielle Rickards, Miss Osmosis 2012. Cute pic! (Photo: SKKAN Media).

OCEAN STYLE: July 7, Kingston. Looking sharp and easy on the eyes in the colour of the season, Voicemail member Craig Jackson made a nice style statement all his own at Osmosis Lure Life last Saturday at Fort Charles. (Photo: SKKAN Media).

TALL ORDER: July 7, Kingston. Remember him? Mission Catwalk Season One contestant Franchester Christie recently re-emerged on the style scene, popping up in a great-looking ensemble at Osmosis Luxe Life over the weekend. And Fran is still pursuing his fashion-inspired dreams, as the 21-year-old is now the proud owner of Franzique, a Kingston-based store. (Photo: SKKAN Media).

TIME OUT: July 8, Canada. London-bound Asafa Powell made a stopover in Toronto last weekend to visit with long-time friend and Irie Social business partner Garnette Rose and Rose's tot, who happens to be Powell's godson. The visit saw Asafa showing off his BBQ skills on the grill and later kicking back with a glass of wine. (Photo: Asafa Powell).

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