Sunday, 22 July 2012

PRESS CONFERENCE Report: Lisa Hanna calls for addition of Sumfest symposium

ALL SMILES: Hanna happily introduces her son Alexander Panton to Beenie Man at Dancehall Night in MoBay.

Culture minister Lisa Hanna, speaking at the Iberostar Hotel & Resorts on the weekend, has voiced her belief that the addition of a symposium to the annual series of Reggae Sumfest activities, will significantly help to further bolster the brand of the festival with no shortage of benefits for Jamaican entertainers.

“Reggae Sumfest has done something remarkable by taking reggae to the world and ensuring that our brand is protected,” says Hanna, addressing Saturday’s press conference. “The addition of annual symposium will do much more and help in fostering discussions on protecting the legacy of our artistes.”

In his brisk response to the minister’s challenge, Robert Russell (Chair of Summerfest Productions) says the symposium is an initiative they are determined to launch next year. “It will definitely be followed up on, as we think it’s a good avenue to further enlighten people about reggae culture and provide information,” explains Russell. “We had to hoped to get it going this year, but definitely next year."

Also joining media reps at the press conference were representatives from Sumfest sponsors as well as musicians Tarrus Riley, Cat Coore and Derrick Harriott.

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