Tuesday, 3 July 2012

SHARON SCHROETER: ‘Digicel Stars rakes in 23,000 hopefuls for auditions’

POWER OF TWO: Schroeter (left) and D-Major.

“The format for Digicel Rising Stars has come to its natural end,” says series producer Sharon Schroeter. “It’s a brand-new show.”

As such, the hordes of viewers who tuned in to last Sunday’s debut episode of Digicel Stars would have noticed that only one familiar face – hostess Terri-Karelle Griffith-Reid – is back from the previous incarnation of the televised talent series.

This year, stardom hopefuls were invited to audition via telephone in any of the four genres (pop, soul-R&B, gospel, Jamaican sound) that are open to contestants. “We got over 23,000 persons auditioning over the phone. So the response has been good,” notes Schroeter. “And even though there are genres, there will be one overall winner. So the coaches and the mentors have a big part to play.”

Those mentors, charged with offering tips and guidance to the contestants, are Carlene Davis (gospel), Conroy Wilson (pop), D-Major (soul-R&B) and Derrick Coffie (Jamaican sounds). How were they selected? “We did our research. We looked for persons who have different talents, so not only singing but also some background in the music industry,” explains Schroeter. “You have to know music on a whole so you can coach people and help them with their vocals and performance techniques. So we looked at all the different avenues. We had a list of people in mind, but a lot of it was based on availability.”

Word on the street is, Damian 'D-Major' Codlin was a supremely surprising choice for a mentor. Schroeter is a tad surprised by this. “D-Major has been around for a very long time,” she tells TALLAWAH. “He started out in a successful group before, and then they broke up. Plus, he is a great singer.”

Digicel Stars will air new episodes each Sunday night on TV J until the September finale.

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  1. I am reserving my opinion as to this new format cuz as yet it nuh wow me but i am not being a hater. It's kinda like a spin -off of the 'X-Factor' with the mentors so i get that but i think they should have gone for more recognizable mentors cuz except for Carlene Davis and Conroy Wilson, nobody nuh know the other two. Successful mentorship requires you look up to someone and valuing their opinion and if the contestants nuh know dem, how will dat be possible? As to D-Major yes he can sing but honestly him never buss. he is known as Chris Martin's side kick cuz nobody know really know him on his own. sad to say him come een like a iron balloon but we will see as the show goes on. The Coffie guy, me never see or hear bout him YET!smh