Wednesday, 25 July 2012

TALKING BACK: TALLAWAH readers respond to July’s hottest stories

Veteran singer Diana King comes out as a lesbian (>>Story)

“Wasn't she practising her chosen lifestyle all along? Who cares what hellish sexual lifestyle she chooses to live with and how it feels to her. Please Miss King, keep your sexual practice to yourself. None of us needs to know about what you are doing to pleasure yourself.” – Anonymous

Good for her. I wish her all the best. – Anonymous

Ziggy Marley schools MTV on marijuana and reggae culture (>>Story)

“I adore Ziggy; he and Damian are my favourites, but that sounds like such a feeble excuse for smoking tons of weed at home!” – Petchary

“Weed is not everything to everyone – but what is? Fact remains, it can be a beautiful thing to many and can be used in myriad more ways than smoking. Don't "feeble" no way.” – Ackee Lover

Jody-Ann Gray delivers a healthy baby girl (>>Story)

“Thank you for this wonderful news!” – Anonymous

“There is always that silver lining behind the dark cloud. We all pray for Jody-Ann's strength and God's never ending BLESSINGS upon her life. Congrats!!!!” – Anonymous

“This child was born for a purpose and we wish for both mother and daughter long life, good health and strength!!” – Str8 Chat

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