Tuesday, 31 July 2012

THE MUSIC SCENE: Singer-songwriter Courtney John is finding the words

SMOOTH OPERATOR: Reggae-soul lovers, rejoice! Courtney John is back with new music. The beloved crooner (Jamaica’s answer to Maxwell?) has put out his latest studio album, From Letters to Words, a soothing and soulful record currently available via iTunes.

HARDER THAN EVER: And speaking of authentic reggae, Rebirth, the latest from living legend Jimmy Cliff is a hit with critics. Proclaims Blinded by Sound: “Rebirth is one of Cliff’s strongest albums to date; which is saying something for someone with a track record as long as his.”

TALK THAT TALK: Meantime, Raine Seville earlier this week debuted her new mixtape Talk Is Cheap, which is hosted and mixed by ZJ Liquid’s H2O Records. While showcasing Raine’s music from 2009 to the present, the 21-track mixtape finds the foxy young singer working with such reggae-dancehall hitmakers as Daseca, Payday Music, Don Corleone, Washroom Entertainment, Chimney Records – and collaborating on tracks with the likes of Serani and Voicemail.

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  1. Jimmy Cliff is the real thing. I believe this album was produced with the input of a punk rock musician...There is a good arts program called The Strand on BBC World Radio and they did a great interview with Jimmy a few days ago and a bit of a discussion about Jamaica 50. The podcast is on their website I think.